Family holiday in the city of lights, party and casinos

Whenever you like party and being in casinos, a holiday in Las Vegas is also nice to travel with your family. We where with my family last november and need to say I enjoyed this trip. And, if you wonder if I went to the casinos, yes, I where there playing and had some luck as well.


Few months before the trip, my father-in-law asked if we wanted to go with them to Las Vegas, and we didn’t hesitate a minut. Its one of the city’s you need to experience if you are interested to travel.

My father-in-law had booked an apartment only 550m away from the strip. A perfect spot for a family hotel, quite and had a pool to play in. Wyndham Grand resorts have a cooperation with Holiday club, so thats why he choose this hotel.

We booked our flights to Las Vegas with SAS (Scandinavian airlines), of course the flights where codeshare flights with Lufthansa from Frankfurt. We had our flights in SAS economy and as I use Star alliance a bit and had some points to use. The price was about 1.100€ for the tickets, before discount, for a family of four.


SAS is a good connected airline, using that together with Norwegian when traveling in the nordics. The connections with codeshare airlines works well and have nothing else than the fleet is a little older. Lufthansa have a good service on their flights, like to travel with them and of course their connections globally are good. We did fly the first time in a Boeing 747 and Airbus A380, and my son was just so happy. He is as well interested of planes as his father 🙂

Our plan for the week, check the city, walk around and see the energy, rent a car and go to the Hoover Dam.

We started our holiday by arriving in the afternoon, so something to eat and have a good night sleep. Of course the time change affected my family a bit, so everyone was a little confused, especially the kids.


Next day we went out on the city, walking around and took it easy. My wife checked out all the stores already on that day, so we had some shops to visit thru the week. Okay, don’t understand me wrong, she likes walking and looking at things, but she ever hardly buys anything. But, if she finds somethings, she really wants it…. no more of that…

We checked out all the casinos, MGM grand, Bellagio, Ceasar´s Palace, Wynn, Mandalay Bay etc. Beautiful and huge buildings, the casino in every hotel speaks for it self and you can’t believe it if you haven’t been there yourself. We had agreed that I can go for an evening to a casino and I did choose Caesar´s Palace, don’t know why, but I wanted that especially. I like to watch movies and here I could see where they have filmed the movies like Ocean´s 11, Hangover, Step up and Paul Blart mall cop.


The first couple of day s we where mostly on the strip, with the kids we went to Disney shop, Coca Cola, Herseys and M&M. They loved to be in Las Vegas, they liked the lights on the strip, the beauty in buildings and the kids stores. I need to say our kids are tough as they walked almost 10km each day and they where 3 and 8 years.

As planned we rented a car, a Suburban, first time driving in the States. We took a day to drive to Hoover Dam and having some sightseeing outside the city. The dam is amazing and if you have seen it in movies or tv, it is huge. The canyon region is so beautiful, that the time just did fly away.



On the way from the Hoover Dam we saw Walmart, never been there before either. We needed to try this as we don’t have these size grocery stores at home. Only thing I can say  is huge. I’m coming from a small village of 45.000 people and nothing is even near these sized store. But I can tell, from Walmart you can get food, a lot and in big sizes.

As we already had booked a car we went also to different outlets around Las Vegas, huge areas to shop what ever you need. Las Vegas South Premium Outlet and Las Vegas North Premium Outlet are two of them we visited and I think these are good to visit if you are interested to get some clothes etc to bring home with you.

After extensive shopping we went to visit Fremont area, a beautiful area with a touch of art. I would say more bohemia area, containers as shops and living space, touch of the old Las Vegas. This area was totally different to the main area in Las Vegas, but if you like art and the bohemian feeling, you should visit Fremont area.


After couple of days outside the city, I had already got the feeling I want to have a evening out in the casino. We took us self to The forum shops at Ceasar´s where my family spent the time I was in the casino. I took 40€ to start with and played couple of hours in there, bear in mind that I don’t normally use money on these kind of things. After a couple of hours my family had waited for me enough and I needed to stop playing, “my free time” was over. We were on holiday as family so I totally understand and came away with 280€, not a bad thing.

The following day we bought some things with the money I won and had a last dinner in Las Vegas before going back home. Over all the trip to Las Vegas was a wonderful trip and I loved to be there with my family. I know the kids loved it as well, my son took time to sit down with me to do slideshow for his school and everybody liked it. If you ask me if you should go on “adults only” or as family holiday to Las Vegas, I would say do what you like the most but I wouldn’t leave the family exploring this wonderful city.


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